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Base of operations (headquarters)

Madison and Shawano, Wisconsin, USA

Who we are

GENEX continually strives to lead the way with science-based services and innovative excellence in animal genetics. GENEX livestock technologies are modernizing animal husbandry and growing the global food supply by nearly 3 million tons annually — feeding more people with fewer cows and less land.  

In 2018, GENEX Cooperative became part of the company URUS making it the world’s largest bovine genetics company in the world. We provide cattle genetics for varying climates, production goals, and breeds. The individual companies within URUS are also top providers for cattle management software, dairy management reports, milk and soil testing, and calf care products, among others. 

What we do

  • Since the 1990s, GENEX has applied cooperative know-how, expertise, and technology to addressing livestock development challenges in emerging economies around the world.
  • As a cooperative of member farmers, cooperative development focused on cattle producers is at the core of what we do. Our cooperative development projects are focused on building business minded cooperatives for sustainable, long-term success.
  • Our typical development project approach includes the following components:
    • Leadership and organizational capacity building, focused on business education, planning and cooperative governance
    • Provision of farmer inputs (products and services) along with technical expertise.
    • Agricultural training focused on cow reproduction, health, nutrition and herd management.
    • Market linkages and access to finance, through partnerships with other organizations.

Geographic scope

Americas – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru

Asia-Pacific – China, India, Thailand, Vietnam

Africa – Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: USAID, USDA

Foundations: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Others: Internal Funds, Other development organizations for subaward work

Year of foundation


General Contact

Email: globaldevelopment@urus.org

Phone: +1 715 526 7630

Development Contact

Email: globaldevelopment@urus.org

Phone: +1 715 526 7630