Cooperative Development Organizations

Legacoop - Alleanza Delle Cooperative Italiane

Italian national apex cooperative organization representing around 10.000 cooperatives active in all the economic sectors, with 7.4 million individual members and around 457.000 employees. Legacoop is articulated in seven sectoral associations and regional/territorial branches covering the national territory. Legacoop supports cooperatives through specialized structures (for training, financial support, digitalization, etc.). 

Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC)

KFCC is to guide and supervise the management of Saemaul Geumgo (primary cooperative), and thus to promote common interests. KFCC regulates Saemaul Geumgo’s operational funds as its central bank as well as offering insurance for Saemaul Geumgo and its members.

Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC)

ESDC is a Palestinian results and rights based development-oriented NGO, building the capacities of cooperatives, member based organizations (MBO) and the sector focusing on natural resources management, agriculture, food security, and social economy.