Cooperative Development Organizations

Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada)

CDF Canada is a global social impact partner that allies with local communities, build their capacity to achieve sustainable economic and social development through cooperative models. We work with local partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America to establish and grow community-owned cooperatives to help people achieve more prosperous, self-reliant lives.


As the apex organization for Danish cooperatives, we promote the cooperative alternative across many sectors of the economy, from banking and insurance to craftsman and construction. Established in 1922, Kooperationen provides high quality professional legal and governance advice and guidance to new cooperative start-ups as well as to established cooperatives.

Led by our cooperative values and principles we aim to bring together all those with a passion and interest in cooperative action and we run our business solely for the benefit of our members. And that is precisely what makes us a bit different from other conventional employers’ organisations in Denmark.


Federation of Peoples’ Sustainable Development Cooperative

The Federation of Peoples’ Sustainable Development Cooperative (FPSDC) is a secondary cooperative with a total membership of around 170 cooperatives. Currently, its members come from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Furthermore, FPSDC  is motivated by its principles anchored to the 4Ps of Sustainable Development – People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace.