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Base of operations (headquarters)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Who we are

Founded in 1957 as a cooperative, HealthPartners is the largest consumer governed nonprofit health care organization in the United States - serving more than 1.5 million medical and dental health plan members nationwide.

What we do

  • Build the capacity of health care providers in developing countries to increase access to care and improve health outcomes through self-sustaining health cooperatives;
  • Facilitate development of an effective health cooperative enabling environment from coordinating efforts under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, to ensuring national regulation by the appropriate governing body—usually the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives. Cooperative health care providers are also supported to develop strong networks with district, political and religious leaders and with other care providers for continuous learning and adapting.
  • Build the capacity of member elected boards of directors to meet the needs of their members and to register and remain compliant with national regulatory bodies.
  • Support health cooperative strategies to engage youth and meet the needs of girls and boys age 10-24 through Cooperative Girls Centers.

Geographic scope

Africa – Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: USAID

Year of foundation


General Contact

Contact Name: International Development

Email: Britt.A.Cruz@healthpartners.com

Phone: 952.883.5632

Development Contact

Contact Name: Jennifer Wenborg

Email: Jennifer.L.Wenborg@HealthPartners.com

Phone: 612-718-1313