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Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC)

Base of operations (headquarters)

20, Bongeunsaro 114-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (postal code: 06172)

Who we are

KFCC is to guide and supervise the management of Saemaul Geumgo (primary cooperative), and thus to promote common interests. KFCC regulates Saemaul Geumgo’s operational funds as its central bank as well as offering insurance for Saemaul Geumgo and its members.

What we do

  • Supervision of management: operation of 1,297 Saemaul Geumgos;
  • Credit Business: depository business, Loan business, e-banking, etc.;
  • International Development: ODA project like training and education, establishment of credit cooperatives in developing countries.

Geographic scope

Asia-Pacific – Myanmar (Burma), Fiji, Cambodia, Laos

Africa – Uganda


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: KOICA, MOIS (Ministry of Interior and Safety)

Multilateral Aid: UNDP

Year of foundation


General Contact

Email: sungho.kim@kfcc.co.kr

Phone: +82-2-2145-9026

Development Contact

Email: sungho.kim@kfcc.co.kr

Phone: +82-2-2145-9026 / +82-10-8549-5045