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SOCODEVI – Société de coopération pour le développement international

Base of operations (headquarters)


Who we are

SOCODEVI is a network of cooperative and mutual companies from Quebec (Canada) that shares its expertise and know-how with its partners in developing countries. We hence support cooperatives and help them to consolidate as catalysts of inclusive, sustainable socio-economic development. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of the families and their livelihoods.

What we do

  • Capacity building and organizational and financial development of cooperative and mutual enterprises;
  • Development and structuring of value chains in agribusiness;
  • Diversification and strengthening of local production and linkage to markets;
  • Agricultural risk management.

Geographic scope

Americas – Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Peru

Europe – Ukraine

Asia-Pacific – Vietnam

Africa – Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Morocco


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: Global Affairs Canada

Multilateral Aid: World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank

Others: private companies

Year of foundation


Development Contact

Contact Name: Jean-Philippe Marcoux

Title or Position: Executive Director

Email: jp.marcoux@socodevi.org

Phone: +1 418 683-7225

Development Contact

Contact Name: Virginie Levasseur

Title or Position: Director Strategy, policy and cooperative development

Email: v.levasseur@socodevi.org

Phone: +1 418 683-7225

General Contact

Email: info@socodevi.org

Phone: +1 418 683-7225