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We Effect

Base of operations (headquarters)

Stockholm, Sweden

Who we are

We Effect is the international development organisation of the Swedish cooperative movement. We support partner organisations in 20 countries to advocate for the rights of their members.

What we do

We Effect supports partner organisations working in two core areas:

  • Sustainable rural development, including support for farmers’ own organisations, organisational and business development, advocacy, technical advice, sustainable farming and food production training and adaptation to climate change;
  • Adequate housing, including support for cooperative housing organisations, advocacy and technical advice and education and training.

We Effect has a strong focus on gender equality. Strategic areas are women's economic empowerment including women’s equal right to own and control land and access financial resources


Geographic scope

Americas – Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia

Europe – Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo

Asia-Pacific – Philippines, Sri Lanka, Israel

Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: Sweden (Sida)

Foundations: RadioAid Sweden, Postcodelottery Sweden

Multilateral Aid: European Commission

Others: Cooperative companies Sweden

Year of foundation


General Contact

Contact Name: Anna Tibblin

Title or Position: Secretary General

Email: Anna.tibblin@weeffect.org

Phone: +46 76-6272774

Development Contact

Contact Name: Andreas Dolk

Title or Position: Head of International department

Email: Andreas.Dolk@weeffect.org

Phone: +46 812037146