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Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC)

Base of operations (headquarters)

Ramallah, Wes Bank Palestine

Who we are

ESDC is a Palestinian results and rights based development-oriented NGO, building the capacities of cooperatives, member based organizations (MBO) and the sector focusing on natural resources management, agriculture, food security, and social economy.

What we do

Services offered through the Institutional and Capacity Building Program:

  • Training cooperatives and community economic organizations at all levels;
  • Support community socio-economic organization in business development and services including entrepreneur initiatives with financial and material resources required for the establishment of projects or the development of cooperative services;
  • Support improvement of the quality of products and services of cooperatives and CBOs;
  • Conduct networking and exchange visits of socio-economic organizations locally and externally.

Services offered through the Livelihood and Food Security Program consists of:

  • Technical training for farmers and livestock breeders on the means to produce efficiently and sustainably within national and international quality standards through promotion of Good Farming Practices;
  • Increasing access to natural resources and traditional and non-traditional water sources;
  • Restoring Palestinian farming activities affected by the occupation practices and natural disasters;
  • Establishment and technical support of establishing Village Savings and Lending Schemes.

Geographic scope

Asia-Pacific – Palestine (State of)


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: Spanish Cooperation, EU

Foundations: OXFAM International, We Effect, GIZ

Multilateral Aid: OCHA, UNDP

General Contact

Email: info@esdc-pal.org

Phone: +970 2 2972030

Development Contact

Contact Name: Akram Al-Taher

Title or Position: General Director

Phone: +970 599 676 170