Cooperative Development Organizations

Co-operative College

Born over 100 years ago out of a need for radical education that fights for social justice, our mission is to inspire and enable people, through co-operative learning, to transform lives and tackle inequalities in their communities, creating a fairer world. 


GENEX continually strives to lead the way with science-based services and innovative excellence in animal genetics. GENEX livestock technologies are modernizing animal husbandry and growing the global food supply by nearly 3 million tons annually — feeding more people with fewer cows and less land.  

In 2018, GENEX Cooperative became part of the company URUS making it the world’s largest bovine genetics company in the world. We provide cattle genetics for varying climates, production goals, and breeds. The individual companies within URUS are also top providers for cattle management software, dairy management reports, milk and soil testing, and calf care products, among others. 

Food and Forest Development Finland (FFD)

FFD, the Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development, is a non-profit organization supporting agricultural producer organizations, forest owners' organizations and cooperatives in developing countries. FFD was formed in 2012 by four Finnish farmers' and forest producers' organizations to coordinate Finnish farmer-to-farmer development cooperation efforts.