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Land O’Lakes Venture37

Base of operations (headquarters)

Arden Hills, MN

Who we are

Land O’Lakes Venture37 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping communities around the world thrive through agriculture. Venture37 strengthens economies by improving local agriculture, helping agribusinesses create jobs and linking farmers to markets. It delivers integrated solutions that help build and improve food and agriculture systems through more competitive markets, more resilient systems, healthier and more nutrition-secure communities, and more inclusive societies.

What we do

  • Resilient Systems- Equipping people and businesses with the capacities to manage during and after extreme shocks is vital to fostering healthy, resilient livelihoods. We work with our partners to strengthen household and community capabilities to respond to, adapt to, and recover from risks, shocks and stressors, like natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and conflicts. By promoting climate-smart agriculture practices and technologies, we are also able to help communities respond to increasingly severe and unpredictable weather events that threaten agricultural progress.
  • Healthy, Nutrition-Secure Communities- We recognize that animal, plant, human, and environmental health are interconnected and must be addressed collaboratively to improve global wellbeing. We also recognize that without access to and safety of quality, affordable and nutritious food, people cannot unlock their full potential. By applying a one health approach and promoting dietary diversity to increase access to nutritious, safe foods throughout our work, we can help global communities, from farmer to consumer, thrive through agriculture.

Inclusive Societies- Inequity and inequality threaten progress and limit what we can accomplish together, which is why we value diverse societies, cultures, and identities. We inform our practices with social and cultural learnings to respectfully facilitate access to products and services that enhance food security and livelihoods for all. We aim to engage and empower all members of society, including women, youth, and marginalized populations, to help all – not some – realize their potential.

Geographic scope

Asia-Pacific – Bangladesh, Georgia, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Africa – Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Europe – Ukraine


Bilateral Aid/Government agencies: USAID, USDA

Foundations: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Foundation for Smoke-free World

Others: AgResults, Global Dairy Platform, Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank, Corteva Agriscience, Forage Genetics International, The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Year of foundation


General Contact

Contact Name: Kari Onyancha

Title or Position: Chief of Party

Email: kmonyancha@landolakes.com

Phone: 612.816.7178