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CoopsToCoast - European and Turkish Cooperatives Drivers of CSOs Alliances for the development of coastal areas

Cooperative Development Organisation

Implementing Partners and Organisations

Haliéus, Black Sea Science, Tecnology and Culture Association

Period of Implementation

April 2019 - December 2020

Geographic scope

Asia-Pacific: Turkey

Cities: Rize and Artvin Provinces


$ 231,000
€ 220 000


Bilateral Aid: European Union under the Civil Society Dialogue V Programme


Agriculture & Fisheries, Rural Development

Type of Activity

Networking, Training & Capacity Building, Visibility & Dissemination


The project foresees fishing tourism activities through which local fishing cooperatives enhance the cultural tradition and diversify their economy, integrating their economic activity by involving other public actors such as institutions, cultural and tourism organizations, and civil society organizations. The project therefore also aims to promote and raise awareness of the historical and cultural value of the coastal areas of the Provinces. Coops-to-Coast also provides the chosen organizations and experts with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to take advantage of the available European tools for the development of the economy and coastal areas of the provinces of Turkey. The intervention allows the local cooperatives of Rize and Artvin to develop skills and tools to start the process of harmonization with the European Union legislation. Moreover, the project, thanks to the experience and skills of Italian cooperatives, allows to improve the level of professionalism, active participation and management of cooperatives, following the principles of cooperatives. The local fishing cooperatives also develop the fundamental skills to be able to have an impact at national level and to create connections at international level. The project involves as Associated Partners the Union of local fishing cooperatives together with Legacoop, in order to ensure a strengthening of relations between the Italian cooperative movement and the cooperatives of the partner

Project Objectives

to contribute to the development of a sustainable Civil Society Dialogue between Turkey and EU Member states, facilitating the CSOs’ readiness and involvement in the achievement of the acquis on “Fisheries ”, to increase the exchanges between the EU and Turkish fishery cooperatives and CSOs committed in the local development of coastal areas, for raising their awareness and building capacities on the EU Programmes and Policies on fishery and maritime affairs, valorising the cultural value of coastal territories in the spirit of the “United in diversity".

Impact on SDGs

SDG8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDG14 - Life Below Water
SDG17 - Partnership for The Goals

Main Indicators

The first indicator to measure the impact of the project is the National Awareness on Europena Union and
supportiveness, so the percentage of people willing to join the European Union, the second indicator refers to the Status of the negotiation on the accession to the
EU, so the status of the Assessment of the status of Chapters on Fisheries, on CSOs in the political criteria, and the Chapter on Regional Policy and coordination of structural instruments.

Direct beneficiaries

Individuals: 2000

Local stakeholders

Fisheries cooperatives of Rize and Artvin Provinces

Key Tags

Entrepreneurship, Informal economy