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Diversification and competitiveness of associative companies in the mining regions of Peru (PRODIVCOM)

Implementing Partners and Organisations

Caritas del Perú /Asociación civil para la investigación y el desarrollo forestal (ADEFOR) / Centro ecuménico de promoción y acción social norte

Period of Implementation

April 2015 - March 2020

Geographic scope

Americas: Peru


$ 16,930,729
€ 16 124 504


Bilateral Aid: GAC and private mining companies (SHAHUINDO SAC/COMPAÑIA MINERA ANTAMINA)


Agriculture & Fisheries, Agroforestry, Social

Type of Activity

Governance and Organizational Strengthening, Institutional Building and Policy Dialogue, Technical Assistance & Advisory, Training & Capacity Building, Value Chains / Socioeconomic Circuits


PRODIVCOM has seen the economic and social living conditions of 24000 women and men (4990 family businesses, 8000 producers) in 3 extractive regions of Peru improve, developing a range of beneficiary, diversified and competitive economic activities. The objective behind this idea of local economic diversification is to support the integration of the target populations into the country's economy. The development approach can be summarized in the strengthening of sectors adapted to the context through 1) the sustainable improvement of the competitiveness of family agroforestry and associative enterprises, 2) increased access to different markets (local, regional and international), and 3) the establishment and consolidation of associative enterprises (the 3 intermediate results below).

Project Objectives

Conformar, fortalecer y desarrollar cooperativas, fortaleciendo sus actividades económicas competitivas, fortaleciendo las capacidades de las familias de productor.

Impact on SDGs

SDG1 - No Poverty
SDG2 - Zero Hunger
SDG3 - Good Health and Well-Being
SDG5 - Gender Equality
SDG8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

Main Indicators

1) Human development index by district 2) Average annual net agricultural income of family farms 3) Number of jobs created and protected in selected regions 4) Number of family agro-pastoral enterprises with profitable and sustainable economic activities 5) Number of associative enterprises with profitable and sustainable economic activities.

Impact Measurement

Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) and Final Evaluation

Direct beneficiaries

Organisations: 24

Individuals: 24000

Local stakeholders

Producers cooperatives

Key Tags

Entrepreneurship, Food Security, Gender