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Our Malawi Partnership

Cooperative Development Organisation

Implementing Partners and Organisations

MAFECO (Malawi Co-op Apex)

Period of Implementation

July 2022 - June 2027

Geographic scope

Africa: Malawi


$ 603,750
€ 575 000


Others: Central England Co-operative Sociery


Climate & Environment, Rural Development, Trade

Type of Activity

Business-to-Business exchanges, Governance and Organizational Strengthening, Institutional Building and Policy Dialogue, Training & Capacity Building, Value Chains / Socioeconomic Circuits


Three Key pillars of activity: 1) Strengthened and resilient Co-operative Unions across Tea, Coffee, Rice and nuts, developed through on the ground training and development. 2) Established Commercial Trade and membership engagement between UK and Malawian Co-operatives. 3) Establish climate resilient practices for co-operative members across the key Co-operative Unions.

Project Objectives

Living Co-op Principle 6 the key objective is to create a strengthened and environmentally sustainable co-operative movement in Malawi, with the 4 key unions linked internationally to a major UK Co-operative Retailer, serving the needs of co-op members in the UK and Malawi.

Impact on SDGs

SDG2 - Zero Hunger
SDG5 - Gender Equality
SDG8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDG10 - Reduced Inequalities
SDG17 - Partnership for The Goals

Main Indicators

Increase in membership of MAFECO and the 4 Unions
Increase in income for MAFECO and the Unions
Increase in trade between Malawi and UK
Training of Farmers in environmentally sustainable practices
Meaningful co-op member engagement between Malawi and UK.

Impact Measurement

One of the core impact measurement tools will be through a 'Member Journey' mapping tool - collecting stories against criteria from key members across 5 years.

Reporting against KPI's on the Theory of Change.

Direct beneficiaries

Organisations: 10

Key Tags

Employment, Environment, Food Security