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Advocating for womens right to land

Cooperative Development Organisation

Implementing Partners and Organisations

Confederación de Federaciones de la Reforma Agraria Salvadoreña de R.L. CONFRAS

Period of Implementation

July 2020 - December 2022

Geographic scope

Americas: El Salvador


$ 60,000
€ 57 143


Bilateral Aid: Sida/Civsam


Agriculture & Fisheries, Rural Development

Type of Activity

Governance and Organizational Strengthening, Legal and Regulatory framework


Creation of an advocacy network aiming at improving legislation on womens right to land

Project Objectives

Advocate the government of El Salvadro on womens right to own and control land.

Impact on SDGs

SDG1 - No Poverty
SDG5 - Gender Equality

Main Indicators

1) Existance of an advocacy network 2) Legislation in place

Impact Measurement

Project reports. Parliament reports

Direct beneficiaries

Organisations: 8

Local stakeholders

Womens groups

Key Tags

Gender, Inequalities