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Cooperative model of housing for mutual help

New cooperative housing complex
Credit: Phillip Krook

Cooperative Development Organisation

Implementing Partners and Organisations

Fundacion salvadoreoa de desarrollo y vivienda mÌnima

Period of Implementation

January 2018 - December 2022

Geographic scope

Americas: El Salvador


$ 871,500
€ 830 000


Bilateral Aid: Sida/Civsam


Climate & Environment, Housing

Type of Activity

Technical Assistance & Advisory


The programme pretends to achieve his objectives through active involvement in regional processes of political advocacy through the consolidation of the CVAM model, from the movement's second-tier organisations.

Project Objectives

Contribute to cooperative housing in Mesoamerica, with mainly women (65%) improving their access to land and fair financing to realize their human right to adequate housing.

Impact on SDGs

SDG1 - No Poverty
SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG13 - Climate Action

Main Indicators

1) # of existing housing cooperatives
2) # of cooperative members being active in capacity building

Impact Measurement

Project reports, Evaluations

Direct beneficiaries

Organisations: 27

Individuals: 568

Local stakeholders

Housing cooperatives in Central America

Key Tags

Environment, Gender, Inequalities