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Promoting Inclusive Human Settlements

Cooperative Development Organisation

Implementing Partners and Organisations

Shelter Settlement Alternatives Uganda - SSA

Period of Implementation

January 2018 - December 2022

Geographic scope

Africa: Uganda


$ 210,000
€ 200 000


Bilateral Aid: Sida/Civsam



Type of Activity

Budget support (Grants or Direct Financing), Institutional Building and Policy Dialogue, Training & Capacity Building

Project Objectives

To contribute to a human settlements sector that benefits poor women, men and young people in Uganda. Expected results: Increased understanding of governance, accountability, housing, gender and human rights by members and partner organisations, Strengthened housing regional network articulating grassroots needs, fostering dialogue and participating in regional and international human settlements forums for advocacy, Increased reporting and recommendations on sustainable environmental management in targeted human settlements, Increased documentation and dissemination of affordable housing finance models, Enhanced capacity and voices of institutions and their communities to demand improved service delivery and establish partnerships enable land rights protection for the urban poor, Development of toolkits and information for advocacy to national and local authorities for influencing practices, enhancing participatory practices and articulating human settlements development agenda.

Impact on SDGs

SDG1 - No Poverty
SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Local stakeholders

Members of housing cooperatives

Key Tags

Gender, Inequalities, Youth