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Farmer-to-Farmer Food Safety and Quality (F2F FSQ)

Cooperative Development Organisation

Geographic scope

Asia-Pacific: Bangladesh, Lebanon

Africa: Egypt


$ 5,250,000
€ 5 000 000


Bilateral Aid: USAID



Type of Activity

Technical Assistance & Advisory, Training & Capacity Building


Bangladesh, Egypt, and Lebanon face considerable food safety and quality challenges. Land O’Lakes Venture37 is implementing F2F FSQ to address the important issues of food safety and quality with highly qualified volunteers to increase productivity and profitability in the agriculture sectors. Volunteers assist and train food businesses and farmers on good agricultural, veterinary and manufacturing practices in order to improve the local food safety protocols and quality assurance systems from “field to fork.” Venture37’s F2F Program also fields expert volunteers on short-term assignments responding to particular needs of the needs of USAID mission needs within and outside the three core countries in FSQ as well as in agriculturefocused topics, including but not limited to climate smart agriculture, livestock, high value horticulture, irrigation, marketing and trade. Volunteers and our local employees work to increase the awareness of the F2F program as a way to build deeper connections to the communities we are supporting. Since 1987, we have sent more than 1,400 U.S. highly qualified volunteers — including 160 of our affiliate Land O’Lakes, Inc. staff and cooperative members — on assignments in 27 countries. As a quality-driven food company, Land O’Lakes, Inc. is uniquely positioned to drive improvements in food safety and quality and a broad range of agricultural concerns. F2F initiatives generate rapid, sustained, and broad-based economic growth in the agricultural sector and promote international goodwill, an understanding of U.S. foreign assistance programs and private involvement in development activities.

Project Objectives

FSQ program provide short-term technical support in agricutlure and value-added food products

Impact on SDGs

SDG3 - Good Health and Well-Being
SDG9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Main Indicators

Actual Beneficiaries - Members/Owners. Actual Beneficiaries - Employees. Actual Beneficiaries - Clients, Students & Suppliers. Volunteer Recommendations Applied by Host.

Impact Measurement

Surveys, Follow-up

Direct beneficiaries

Organisations: 78

Individuals: 651362

Key Tags

Entrepreneurship, Food Security